01.May.2010 Video from the Opening of Cigar Box Beauty


30.Apr.2010 Pieces From Cigar Box Beauty Now Available!

“Wolf” by Yana Moskaluk


Pieces from last Saturday’s Cigar Box Beauty show are now available online. This is definitely our most spectacular show yet, with artists from Russia, Brazil and Denmark as well as true blue California. Check it out!

05.Apr.2010 Cigar Box Beauty


Opening reception Saturday April 24 2010, 7pm-11pm
Available through May 22 2010

Miss Scarlet in the Parlor
1282 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Naja Conrad-Hansen
Jeremy Forson
Eliza Frye
Soey Milk
Yana Moskaluk
Mateu Velasco

Free admission and seraphic refreshments

They have style, they have face. Drawing influences from fashion and propaganda, the art of Cigar Box Beauty explores the concepts of style and appeal with aplomb. The exhibit features an international group of young guns, including Jeremy Forson (US,) Eliza Frye (US,) Naja Conrad-Hansen (Denmark,) Soey Milk (US,) Yana Moskaluk (Russia,) and Mateu Velasco (Brazil.) Suave, complex, and admittedly fetishistic, the pieces in Cigar Box Beauty engage in a conversation exploring the exploitation and exaltation of beauty.


01.Apr.2010 Performances videos from Happy Ending

Thanks again to our talented performers; Gordon Ware, Ryan Bergeron, and Alicia Adams!

30.Mar.2010 Photos + Video From the Opening of Happy Ending

Photos from the opening reception of Happy Ending are now up on Flickr and Facebook. Videos posted on Vimeo and Youtube. You all look beautiful!

Happy Ending Work Now Available


Work still available from the Happy Ending show has been posted online. The show was simply marvelous, and we will be posting photos and videos very soon! Thank you to everyone who came out. Enchanté.


18.Mar.2010 Interview with JJ Villard

Recently we had the pleasure of spending an evening with JJ Villard at his studio in Hollywood.

12.Mar.2010 Life Drawing Workshop – 4/4/10

Parlor Tricks // Life Drawing Workshop

Sunday Apr. 4 2010, 12-3pm

Costumed Contortionists
Short Poses (No Photos)
Music & Refreshments
$10 (cash only)

Miss Scarlet in the Parlor
1282 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Presented by Jeff Ericco & Eliza Frye
Modelling by Shannon Beach & Viktoria Grimmy


10.Mar.2010 Happy Ending Show

Opening reception Saturday Mar. 27 2010, 7pm-11pm
Available through Apr. 17 2010

Miss Scarlet in the Parlor
1282 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Kristina Collantes
Doug Frye
Gina Kelly
Janet Kim
Melissa Moss
Vanessa Prager
Strawberry Luna
Jennifer Tong

Reading of short stories by Alicia Adams
Musical performance by Gordon Ware & special guest
Free admission and sensational refreshments


07.Mar.2010 WHO IS MISS SCARLET Print Release

WHO IS Miss Scarlet?

art print
edition of 50
4 color offset
18″ x 24″


  • 1282 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

    open by appointment
    (213) 984-1282

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